Python Resources

On our platform you will have a JupyterLab environment, which will require the use of Python. Below are some resources if you are new to Python. When using our platform, you will not need to worry about installing Python or JupyterLab. All you need to do is start an instance. Get started here.

Python Starter

There are many online resources to learn Python. Here are a few.

  • Coursera has online courses and certificates for many topics including Python skills. Many can be audited. These courses are
  • There are helpful resources on Youtube. This 43 minute video covering all the basics of python.
  • There are many websites that have helpful resources. Here is one of those.

Working with Data using Python

The Pandas module is very useful when dealing with tabular data. The Pandas module is already installed into the default environment on the platform, so there is no need to install it. You will just need to import it into your notebook with import pandas as pd.

  • The Pandas documentation is well maintained and has many guides for how to utilize Pandas, like this ten minutes guide.
  • Here is the first of a series of Youtube on how to use Pandas. The first few minute show how to install Pandas with won’t be necessary for our platform.

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