Clinical Classifications Software Refined (CCSR) for ICD-10-CM diagnoses

The Clinical Classifications Software Refined (CCSR) for ICD-10-CM diagnoses aggregates more than 70,000 ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes into over 530 clinically meaningful categories. The CCSR is based on the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM). The categories are organized across 22 body systems, which generally follow the structure of the ICD-10-CM diagnosis chapters.

CCSR Categories

Category Category Description
BLD001 Nutritional anemia
BLD002 Hemolytic anemia
BLD003 Aplastic anemia
BLD004 Acute posthemorrhagic anemia
BLD005 Sickle cell trait/anemia
BLD006 Coagulation and hemorrhagic disorders
BLD007 Diseases of white blood cells
BLD008 Immunity disorders
BLD009 Postprocedural or postoperative complications of the spleen
BLD010 Other specified and unspecified hematologic conditions
CIR001 Chronic rheumatic heart disease
CIR002 Acute rheumatic heart disease
CIR003 Nonrheumatic and unspecified valve disorders
CIR004 Endocarditis and endocardial disease
CIR005 Myocarditis and cardiomyopathy
CIR006 Pericarditis and pericardial disease
CIR007 Essential hypertension
CIR008 Hypertension with complications and secondary hypertension
CIR009 Acute myocardial infarction
CIR010 Complications of acute myocardial infarction
CIR011 Coronary atherosclerosis and other heart disease
CIR012 Nonspecific chest pain
CIR013 Acute pulmonary embolism
CIR014 Pulmonary heart disease
CIR015 Other and ill-defined heart disease
CIR016 Conduction disorders
CIR017 Cardiac dysrhythmias
CIR018 Cardiac arrest and ventricular fibrillation
CIR019 Heart failure
CIR020 Cerebral infarction
CIR021 Acute hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease
CIR022 Sequela of hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease
CIR023 Occlusion or stenosis of precerebral or cerebral arteries without infarction
CIR024 Other and ill-defined cerebrovascular disease
CIR025 Sequela of cerebral infarction and other cerebrovascular disease
CIR026 Peripheral and visceral vascular disease
CIR027 Arterial dissections
CIR028 Gangrene
CIR029 Aortic; peripheral; and visceral artery aneurysms
CIR030 Aortic and peripheral arterial embolism or thrombosis
CIR031 Hypotension
CIR032 Other specified and unspecified circulatory disease
CIR033 Acute phlebitis; thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism
CIR034 Chronic phlebitis; thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism
CIR035 Varicose veins of lower extremity
CIR036 Postthrombotic syndrome and venous insufficiency/hypertension
CIR037 Vasculitis
CIR038 Postprocedural or postoperative circulatory system complication
CIR039 Other specified diseases of veins and lymphatics
DIG001 Intestinal infection
DIG002 Disorders of teeth and gingiva
DIG003 Diseases of mouth; excluding dental
DIG004 Esophageal disorders
DIG005 Gastroduodenal ulcer
DIG006 Gastrointestinal and biliary perforation
DIG007 Gastritis and duodenitis
DIG008 Other specified and unspecified disorders of stomach and duodenum
DIG009 Appendicitis and other appendiceal conditions
DIG010 Abdominal hernia
DIG011 Regional enteritis and ulcerative colitis
DIG012 Intestinal obstruction and ileus
DIG013 Diverticulosis and diverticulitis
DIG014 Hemorrhoids
DIG015 Anal and rectal conditions
DIG016 Peritonitis and intra-abdominal abscess
DIG017 Biliary tract disease
DIG018 Hepatic failure
DIG019 Other specified and unspecified liver disease
DIG020 Pancreatic disorders (excluding diabetes)
DIG021 Gastrointestinal hemorrhage
DIG022 Noninfectious gastroenteritis
DIG023 Noninfectious hepatitis
DIG024 Postprocedural or postoperative digestive system complication
DIG025 Other specified and unspecified gastrointestinal disorders
EAR001 Otitis media
EAR002 Diseases of middle ear and mastoid (except otitis media)
EAR003 Diseases of inner ear and related conditions
EAR004 Hearing loss
EAR005 Postprocedural or postoperative ear and/or mastoid process complication
EAR006 Other specified and unspecified disorders of the ear
END001 Thyroid disorders
END002 Diabetes mellitus without complication
END003 Diabetes mellitus with complication
END004 Diabetes mellitus, Type 1
END005 Diabetes mellitus, Type 2
END006 Diabetes mellitus, due to underlying condition, drug or chemical induced, or other specified type
END007 Nutritional deficiencies
END008 Malnutrition
END009 Obesity
END010 Disorders of lipid metabolism
END011 Fluid and electrolyte disorders
END012 Cystic fibrosis
END013 Pituitary disorders
END014 Postprocedural or postoperative endocrine or metabolic complication
END015 Other specified and unspecified endocrine disorders
END016 Other specified and unspecified nutritional and metabolic disorders
END017 Sequela of malnutrition and other nutritional deficiencies
EXT001 External cause codes: cut/pierce; initial encounter
EXT002 External cause codes: drowning/submersion; initial encounter
EXT003 External cause codes: fall; initial encounter
EXT004 External cause codes: fire/burn; initial encounter
EXT005 External cause codes: firearm; initial encounter
EXT006 External cause codes: machinery; initial encounter
EXT007 External cause codes: motor vehicle traffic (MVT); initial encounter
EXT008 External cause codes: pedal cyclist; not MVT; initial encounter
EXT009 External cause codes: pedestrian; not MVT; initial encounter
EXT010 External cause codes: transport; not MVT; initial encounter
EXT011 External cause codes: natural/environment; initial encounter
EXT012 External cause codes: bites; initial encounter
EXT013 External cause codes: overexertion; initial encounter
EXT014 External cause codes: poisoning by drug
EXT015 External cause codes: poisoning by non-drug
EXT016 External cause codes: struck by; against; initial encounter
EXT017 External cause codes: suffocation/inhalation; initial encounter
EXT018 External cause codes: other specified, classifiable and NEC; initial encounter
EXT019 External cause codes: unspecified mechanism
EXT020 External cause codes: intent of injury, accidental/unintentional
EXT021 External cause codes: intent of injury, self-harm
EXT022 External cause codes: intent of injury, assault
EXT023 External cause codes: intent of injury, undetermined
EXT024 External cause codes: intent of injury, legal intervention/war
EXT025 External cause codes: complications of medical and surgical care, initial encounter
EXT026 External cause codes: activity codes
EXT027 External cause codes: place of occurrence of the external cause
EXT028 External cause codes: evidence of alcohol involvement
EXT029 External cause codes: subsequent encounter
EXT030 External cause codes: sequela
EYE001 Cornea and external disease
EYE002 Cataract and other lens disorders
EYE003 Glaucoma
EYE004 Uveitis and ocular inflammation
EYE005 Retinal and vitreous conditions
EYE006 Neuro-ophthalmology
EYE007 Strabismus
EYE008 Oculofacial plastics and orbital conditions
EYE009 Refractive error
EYE010 Blindness and vision defects
EYE011 Postprocedural or postoperative eye complication
EYE012 Other specified eye disorders
FAC001 Encounter for administrative purposes
FAC002 Encounter for mental health services related to abuse
FAC003 Encounter for observation and examination for conditions ruled out (excludes infectious disease, neoplasm, mental disorders)
FAC004 Encounter for prophylactic or other procedures
FAC005 Encounter for prophylactic measures (excludes immunization)
FAC006 Encounter for antineoplastic therapies
FAC007 Encounter for mental health conditions
FAC008 Neoplasm-related encounters
FAC009 Implant, device or graft related encounter
FAC010 Other aftercare encounter
FAC011 Counseling related to sexual behavior or orientation
FAC012 Other specified encounters and counseling
FAC013 Contraceptive and procreative management
FAC014 Medical examination/evaluation
FAC015 Resistance to antimicrobial drugs
FAC016 Exposure, encounters, screening or contact with infectious disease
FAC017 No immunization or underimmunization
FAC018 Screening for neurocognitive or neurodevelopmental condition
FAC019 Socioeconomic/psychosocial factors
FAC020 Lifestyle/life management factors
FAC021 Personal/family history of disease
FAC022 Acquired absence of limb or organ
FAC023 Organ transplant status
FAC024 Carrier status
FAC025 Other specified status
GEN001 Nephritis; nephrosis; renal sclerosis
GEN002 Acute and unspecified renal failure
GEN003 Chronic kidney disease
GEN004 Urinary tract infections
GEN005 Calculus of urinary tract
GEN006 Other specified and unspecified diseases of kidney and ureters
GEN007 Other specified and unspecified diseases of bladder and urethra
GEN008 Urinary incontinence
GEN009 Hematuria
GEN010 Proteinuria
GEN011 Vesicoureteral reflux
GEN012 Hyperplasia of prostate
GEN013 Inflammatory conditions of male genital organs
GEN014 Erectile dysfunction
GEN015 Male infertility
GEN016 Other specified male genital disorders
GEN017 Nonmalignant breast conditions
GEN018 Inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs
GEN019 Endometriosis
GEN020 Prolapse of female genital organs
GEN021 Menstrual disorders
GEN022 Benign ovarian cyst
GEN023 Menopausal disorders
GEN024 Female infertility
GEN025 Other specified female genital disorders
GEN026 Postprocedural or postoperative genitourinary system complication
INF001 Tuberculosis
INF002 Septicemia
INF003 Bacterial infections
INF004 Fungal infections
INF005 Foodborne intoxications
INF006 HIV infection
INF007 Hepatitis
INF008 Viral infection
INF009 Parasitic, other specified and unspecified infections
INF010 Sexually transmitted infections (excluding HIV and hepatitis)
INF011 Sequela of specified infectious disease conditions
INJ001 Fracture of head and neck, initial encounter
INJ002 Fracture of the spine and back, initial encounter
INJ003 Fracture of torso, initial encounter
INJ004 Fracture of the upper limb, initial encounter
INJ005 Fracture of the lower limb (except hip), initial encounter
INJ006 Fracture of the neck of the femur (hip), initial encounter
INJ007 Dislocations, initial encounter
INJ008 Traumatic brain injury (TBI); concussion, initial encounter
INJ009 Spinal cord injury (SCI), initial encounter
INJ010 Internal organ injury, initial encounter
INJ011 Open wounds of head and neck, initial encounter
INJ012 Open wounds to limbs, initial encounter
INJ013 Open wounds of trunk, initial encounter
INJ014 Amputation of a limb, initial encounter
INJ015 Amputation of other body parts, initial encounter
INJ016 Injury to blood vessels, initial encounter
INJ017 Superficial injury; contusion, initial encounter
INJ018 Crushing injury, initial encounter
INJ019 Burn and corrosion, initial encounter
INJ020 Effect of foreign body entering opening, initial encounter
INJ021 Effect of other external causes, initial encounter
INJ022 Poisoning by drugs, initial encounter
INJ023 Toxic effects, initial encounter
INJ024 Sprains and strains, initial encounter
INJ025 Injury to nerves, muscles and tendons, initial encounter
INJ026 Other specified injury
INJ027 Other unspecified injury
INJ028 Adverse effects of drugs and medicaments, initial encounter
INJ029 Underdosing of drugs and medicaments, initial encounter
INJ030 Drug induced or toxic related condition
INJ031 Allergic reactions
INJ032 Maltreatment/abuse
INJ033 Complication of cardiovascular device, implant or graft, initial encounter
INJ034 Complication of genitourinary device, implant or graft, initial encounter
INJ035 Complication of internal orthopedic device or implant, initial encounter
INJ036 Complication of transplanted organs or tissue, initial encounter
INJ037 Complication of other surgical or medical care, injury, initial encounter
INJ038 Fracture of head and neck, subsequent encounter
INJ039 Fracture of the spine and back, subsequent encounter
INJ040 Fracture of torso, subsequent encounter
INJ041 Fracture of the upper limb, subsequent encounter
INJ042 Fracture of lower limb (except hip), subsequent encounter
INJ043 Fracture of the neck of the femur (hip), subsequent encounter
INJ044 Dislocations, subsequent encounter
INJ045 Traumatic brain injury (TBI); concussion, subsequent encounter
INJ046 Spinal cord injury (SCI), subsequent encounter
INJ047 Internal organ injury, subsequent encounter
INJ048 Open wounds of head and neck, subsequent encounter
INJ049 Open wounds to limbs, subsequent encounter
INJ050 Open wounds of trunk, subsequent encounter
INJ051 Amputation of a limb, subsequent encounter
INJ052 Amputation of other body parts, subsequent encounter
INJ053 Injury to blood vessels, subsequent encounter
INJ054 Superficial injury; contusion, subsequent encounter
INJ055 Crushing injury, subsequent encounter
INJ056 Burns and corrosion, subsequent encounter
INJ057 Effect of foreign body entering opening, subsequent encounter
INJ058 Effect of other external causes, subsequent encounter
INJ059 Poisoning by drugs, subsequent encounter
INJ060 Toxic effects, subsequent encounter
INJ061 Sprains and strains, subsequent encounter
INJ062 Injury to nerves, muscles and tendons, subsequent encounter
INJ063 Other specified injury, subsequent encounter
INJ064 Other unspecified injuries, subsequent encounter
INJ065 Adverse effects of drugs and medicaments, subsequent encounter
INJ066 Underdosing of drugs and medicaments, subsequent encounter
INJ067 Allergic reactions, subsequent encounter
INJ068 Maltreatment/abuse, subsequent encounter
INJ069 Complication of cardiovascular device, implant or graft, subsequent encounter
INJ070 Complication of genitourinary device, implant or graft, subsequent encounter
INJ071 Complication of internal orthopedic device or implant, subsequent encounter
INJ072 Complication of other surgical or medical care, injury, subsequent encounter
INJ073 Injury, sequela
INJ074 Effect of other external causes, sequela
INJ075 Poisoning/toxic effect/adverse effects/underdosing, sequela
INJ076 Complication, sequela
MAL001 Cardiac and circulatory congenital anomalies
MAL002 Digestive congenital anomalies
MAL003 Genitourinary congenital anomalies
MAL004 Nervous system congenital anomalies
MAL005 Congenital malformations of eye, ear, face, neck
MAL006 Cleft lip or palate
MAL007 Respiratory congenital malformations
MAL008 Musculoskeletal congenital conditions
MAL009 Chromosomal abnormalities
MAL010 Other specified and unspecified congenital anomalies
MBD001 Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders
MBD002 Depressive disorders
MBD003 Bipolar and related disorders
MBD004 Other specified and unspecified mood disorders
MBD005 Anxiety and fear-related disorders
MBD006 Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders
MBD007 Trauma- and stressor-related disorders
MBD008 Disruptive, impulse-control and conduct disorders
MBD009 Personality disorders
MBD010 Feeding and eating disorders
MBD011 Somatic disorders
MBD012 Suicidal ideation/attempt/intentional self-harm
MBD013 Miscellaneous mental and behavioral disorders/conditions
MBD014 Neurodevelopmental disorders
MBD017 Alcohol-related disorders
MBD018 Opioid-related disorders
MBD019 Cannabis-related disorders
MBD020 Sedative-related disorders
MBD021 Stimulant-related disorders
MBD022 Hallucinogen-related disorders
MBD023 Inhalant-related disorders
MBD024 Tobacco-related disorders
MBD025 Other specified substance-related disorders
MBD026 Mental and substance use disorders in remission
MBD027 Suicide attempt/intentional self-harm; subsequent encounter
MBD028 Opioid-related disorders; subsequent encounter
MBD029 Stimulant-related disorders; subsequent encounter
MBD030 Cannabis-related disorders; subsequent encounter
MBD031 Hallucinogen-related disorders; subsequent encounter
MBD032 Sedative-related disorders; subsequent encounter
MBD033 Inhalant-related disorders; subsequent encounter
MBD034 Mental and substance use disorders; sequela
MUS001 Infective arthritis
MUS002 Osteomyelitis
MUS003 Rheumatoid arthritis and related disease
MUS004 Juvenile arthritis
MUS005 Other specified chronic arthropathy
MUS006 Osteoarthritis
MUS007 Other specified joint disorders
MUS008 Immune-mediated/reactive arthropathies
MUS009 Tendon and synovial disorders
MUS010 Musculoskeletal pain, not low back pain
MUS011 Spondylopathies/spondyloarthropathy (including infective)
MUS012 Biomechanical lesions
MUS013 Osteoporosis
MUS014 Pathological fracture, initial encounter
MUS015 Pathological fracture, subsequent encounter
MUS016 Stress fracture, initial encounter
MUS017 Stress fracture, subsequent encounter
MUS018 Atypical fracture, initial encounter
MUS019 Atypical fracture, subsequent encounter
MUS020 Pathological, stress and atypical fractures, sequela
MUS021 Acquired foot deformities
MUS022 Scoliosis and other postural dorsopathic deformities
MUS023 Acquired deformities (excluding foot)
MUS024 Systemic lupus erythematosus and connective tissue disorders
MUS025 Other specified connective tissue disease
MUS026 Muscle disorders
MUS027 Musculoskeletal abscess
MUS028 Other specified bone disease and musculoskeletal deformities
MUS029 Disorders of jaw
MUS030 Aseptic necrosis and osteonecrosis
MUS031 Traumatic arthropathy
MUS032 Neurogenic/neuropathic arthropathy
MUS033 Gout
MUS034 Crystal arthropathies (excluding gout)
MUS035 Osteomalacia
MUS036 Autoinflammatory syndromes
MUS037 Postprocedural or postoperative musculoskeletal system complication
MUS038 Low back pain
NEO001 Head and neck cancers - eye
NEO002 Head and neck cancers - lip and oral cavity
NEO003 Head and neck cancers - throat
NEO004 Head and neck cancers - salivary gland
NEO005 Head and neck cancers - nasopharyngeal
NEO006 Head and neck cancers - hypopharyngeal
NEO007 Head and neck cancers - pharyngeal
NEO008 Head and neck cancers - laryngeal
NEO009 Head and neck cancers - tonsils
NEO010 Head and neck cancers - all other types
NEO011 Cardiac cancers
NEO012 Gastrointestinal cancers - esophagus
NEO013 Gastrointestinal cancers - stomach
NEO014 Gastrointestinal cancers - small intestine
NEO015 Gastrointestinal cancers - colorectal
NEO016 Gastrointestinal cancers - anus
NEO017 Gastrointestinal cancers - liver
NEO018 Gastrointestinal cancers - bile duct
NEO019 Gastrointestinal cancers - gallbladder
NEO020 Gastrointestinal cancers - peritoneum
NEO021 Gastrointestinal cancers - all other types
NEO022 Respiratory cancers
NEO023 Bone cancer
NEO024 Sarcoma
NEO025 Skin cancers - melanoma
NEO026 Skin cancers - basal cell carcinoma
NEO027 Skin cancers - squamous cell carcinoma
NEO028 Skin cancers - all other types
NEO029 Breast cancer - ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
NEO030 Breast cancer - all other types
NEO031 Female reproductive system cancers - uterus
NEO032 Female reproductive system cancers - cervix
NEO033 Female reproductive system cancers - ovary
NEO034 Female reproductive system cancers - fallopian tube
NEO035 Female reproductive system cancers - endometrium
NEO036 Female reproductive system cancers - vulva
NEO037 Female reproductive system cancers - vagina
NEO038 Female reproductive system cancers - all other types
NEO039 Male reproductive system cancers - prostate
NEO040 Male reproductive system cancers - testis
NEO041 Male reproductive system cancers - penis
NEO042 Male reproductive system cancers - all other types
NEO043 Urinary system cancers - bladder
NEO044 Urinary system cancers - ureter and renal pelvis
NEO045 Urinary system cancers - kidney
NEO046 Urinary system cancers - urethra
NEO047 Urinary system cancers - all other types
NEO048 Nervous system cancers - brain
NEO049 Nervous system cancers - all other types
NEO050 Endocrine system cancers - thyroid
NEO051 Endocrine system cancers - pancreas
NEO052 Endocrine system cancers - thymus
NEO053 Endocrine system cancers - adrenocortical
NEO054 Endocrine system cancers - parathyroid
NEO055 Endocrine system cancers - pituitary gland
NEO056 Endocrine system cancers - all other types
NEO057 Hodgkin lymphoma
NEO058 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
NEO059 Leukemia - acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
NEO060 Leukemia - acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
NEO061 Leukemia - chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)
NEO062 Leukemia - chronic myeloid leukemia (CML)
NEO063 Leukemia - hairy cell
NEO064 Leukemia - all other types
NEO065 Multiple myeloma
NEO066 Malignant neuroendocrine tumors
NEO067 Mesothelioma
NEO068 Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS)
NEO069 Cancer of other sites
NEO070 Secondary malignancies
NEO071 Malignant neoplasm, unspecified
NEO072 Neoplasms of unspecified nature or uncertain behavior
NEO073 Benign neoplasms
NEO074 Conditions due to neoplasm or the treatment of neoplasm
NVS001 Meningitis
NVS002 Encephalitis
NVS003 Other specified CNS infection and poliomyelitis
NVS004 Parkinson`s disease
NVS005 Multiple sclerosis
NVS006 Other nervous system disorders (often hereditary or degenerative)
NVS007 Cerebral palsy
NVS008 Paralysis (other than cerebral palsy)
NVS009 Epilepsy; convulsions
NVS010 Headache; including migraine
NVS011 Neurocognitive disorders
NVS012 Transient cerebral ischemia
NVS013 Coma; stupor; and brain damage
NVS014 CNS abscess
NVS015 Polyneuropathies
NVS016 Sleep wake disorders
NVS017 Nerve and nerve root disorders
NVS018 Myopathies
NVS019 Nervous system pain and pain syndromes
NVS020 Other nervous system disorders (neither hereditary nor degenerative)
NVS021 Postprocedural or postoperative nervous system complication
NVS022 Sequela of specified nervous system conditions
PNL001 Liveborn
PNL002 Short gestation; low birth weight; and fetal growth retardation
PNL003 Neonatal acidemia and hypoxia
PNL004 Neonatal cerebral disorders
PNL005 Respiratory distress syndrome
PNL006 Respiratory perinatal condition
PNL007 Hemolytic jaundice and perinatal jaundice
PNL008 Birth trauma
PNL009 Perinatal infections
PNL010 Newborn affected by maternal conditions or complications of labor/delivery
PNL011 Hemorrhagic and hematologic disorders of newborn
PNL012 Neonatal digestive and feeding disorders
PNL013 Other specified and unspecified perinatal conditions
PNL014 Neonatal abstinence syndrome
PNL015 Fetal alcohol syndrome
PRG001 Antenatal screening
PRG002 Gestational weeks
PRG003 Spontaneous abortion and complications of spontaneous abortion
PRG004 Induced abortion and complications of termination of pregnancy
PRG005 Ectopic pregnancy and complications of ectopic pregnancy
PRG006 Molar pregnancy and other abnormal products of conception
PRG007 Complications following ectopic and/or molar pregnancy
PRG008 Supervision of high-risk pregnancy
PRG009 Early, first or unspecified trimester hemorrhage
PRG010 Hemorrhage after first trimester
PRG011 Early or threatened labor
PRG012 Multiple gestation
PRG013 Maternal care related to fetal conditions
PRG014 Polyhydramnios and other problems of amniotic cavity
PRG015 Obstetric history affecting care in pregnancy
PRG016 Previous C-section
PRG017 Maternal care for abnormality of pelvic organs
PRG018 Maternal care related to disorders of the placenta and placental implantation
PRG019 Diabetes or abnormal glucose tolerance complicating pregnancy; childbirth; or the puerperium
PRG020 Hypertension and hypertensive-related conditions complicating pregnancy; childbirth; and the puerperium
PRG021 Maternal intrauterine infection
PRG022 Prolonged pregnancy
PRG023 Complications specified during childbirth
PRG024 Malposition, disproportion or other labor complications
PRG025 Anesthesia complications during pregnancy
PRG026 OB-related trauma to perineum and vulva
PRG027 Complications specified during the puerperium
PRG028 Other specified complications in pregnancy
PRG029 Uncomplicated pregnancy, delivery or puerperium
PRG030 Maternal outcome of delivery
RSP001 Sinusitis
RSP002 Pneumonia (except that caused by tuberculosis)
RSP003 Influenza
RSP004 Acute and chronic tonsillitis
RSP005 Acute bronchitis
RSP006 Other specified upper respiratory infections
RSP007 Other specified and unspecified upper respiratory disease
RSP008 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchiectasis
RSP009 Asthma
RSP010 Aspiration pneumonitis
RSP011 Pleurisy, pleural effusion and pulmonary collapse
RSP012 Respiratory failure; insufficiency; arrest
RSP013 Lung disease due to external agents
RSP014 Pneumothorax
RSP015 Mediastinal disorders
RSP016 Other specified and unspecified lower respiratory disease
RSP017 Postprocedural or postoperative respiratory system complication
SKN001 Skin and subcutaneous tissue infections
SKN002 Other specified inflammatory condition of skin
SKN003 Pressure ulcer of skin
SKN004 Non-pressure ulcer of skin
SKN005 Contact dermatitis
SKN006 Postprocedural or postoperative skin complication
SKN007 Other specified and unspecified skin disorders
SYM001 Syncope
SYM002 Fever
SYM003 Shock
SYM004 Nausea and vomiting
SYM005 Dysphagia
SYM006 Abdominal pain and other digestive/abdomen signs and symptoms
SYM007 Malaise and fatigue
SYM008 Symptoms of mental and substance use conditions
SYM009 Abnormal findings related to substance use
SYM010 Nervous system signs and symptoms
SYM011 Genitourinary signs and symptoms
SYM012 Circulatory signs and symptoms
SYM013 Respiratory signs and symptoms
SYM014 Skin/Subcutaneous signs and symptoms
SYM015 General sensation/perception signs and symptoms
SYM016 Other general signs and symptoms
SYM017 Abnormal findings without diagnosis

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